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Creativity Without Limits

Whether you are producing video animation or special effects, multimedia, games or simulations, GIG3DGO from ELECTROGIG can enhance your graphics production capabilities. And with ELECTROGIG's high-speed raytrace renderer, you can achieve realistic effects never before possible with computer animation.

Winner of BYTE magazine's CeBIT '95 "Best of Show" award for the multimedia category, GIG3DGO is a full-featured 3D graphics software system that operates on today's leading graphics platforms, Sun and SGI. The system comes with all the advanced tools you expect for modeling, animation and rendering - at a fraction of the cost of other computer animation software.

Because we are a computer graphics and production company, we understand your needs and how you work. And because software is ELECTROGIG's only business, you can be sure of continued support for your system.

Animation That Meets the Expectations of Your Most Sophisticated Audience

GIG3DGO's unique combination of solid modeling and raytracing allows you to create exciting, realistic looks. The system includes all the modeling and animation tools you expect, including:

  • Constructive solid geometry
  • Sophisticated iso-surface modeling
  • NURBS modeling with point-independent morphing
  • Vector-based 3D particle animation
  • Vector-based motion of solid objects (flowmotion)
  • Kinematics and dynamic spline-based modeling and animation
  • Highly interactive texture creation and editing

GIG3DGO is an intuitive, process-oriented system - one that is designed to work the way you do without limiting your creativity. Because the system is easy to learn and use, you can generate animated imagery more quickly and efficiently than ever before. GIG3DGO's graphical user interface eliminates the need to interact directly with the underlying UNIX system and enables you to become a proficient user very quickly. Color- and placement-coded action buttons provide an intuitive guide to using the system; for example, all actions related to lighting are shown in orange, and the Move button is always in the same location when working with lights, objects or the camera.

The introduction of GIG3DGO Version 3.0 brings greater functionality to a broader spectrum of users. The GIG3DGO base package offers a full complement of basic modeling, rendering and animation. GIG3DGO-Advanced adds sophisticated organic modeling and animation capabilities, highly productive distributed rendering and many more features that aid in the production of original animated imagery.

Create Realistic Images With Intuitive 3D Modeling Tools

Unlike other 3D software packages, GIG3DGO utilizes a solid-modeling paradigm augmented by high-performance raytracing algorithms. Solid modeling eliminates the faceted segments that give surfaces a computer-generated look, while making the creative process more like working with actual physical objects. Raytracing renders transparent objects like glass realistically, with light truly passing through the object.

GIG3DGO lets you select attributes from an extensive library of prepared colors and materials - including woods, marbles and metals - or from the attributes of imported 2D images. It's easy to create your own library of custom textures and surface attributes. The system's 3D procedural textures apply a real surface quality throughout the model for increased realism. And texture mapping is interactive, allowing instant previewing and fast design iteration. In addition, Raysketching allows you to add "painterly" effects such as charcoal, oil or water color directly to the rendering process, and provides instant, high-quality previews of images and animations.

    The GIG3DGO base package provides:
  • Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) with primitives: Cube, cone, sphere, cylinder and torus
  • Spline free forms: Rotational bodies, extrusions and patches
  • Boolean operations: Union, group, subtract, intersect and overlay
  • Text fonts using any available Type 1 PostScript fonts
  • NURBS modeling with real-time update of NURBS surfaces and point-independent morphing
  • Iso-surface modeling that can use any geometric primitive

Advanced Character Animation GIG3DGO-Advanced

For creating organic forms like human characters, animals and plants, GIG3DGO-Advanced adds exceptional kinematic/dynamic spline-based modeling and animation. Because you can define constraints to limit the movement of control points, your objects and characters exhibit natural joint and surface motion and behave naturally. Full support for dynamics and the simulation of physical laws - including gravity and collision detection - further increase realism.

Free Your Imagination with State-of-the-Art Animation Tools

GIG3DGO offers a full range of traditional animation tools. In addition, the system provides forward and inverse kinematics and dynamic spline-based modeling and animation, perfect for character animation. GIG3DGO also includes a full particle system - for creating special effects such as rain, snow, and fire - and vector "flow" fields to simulate the effect of forces such as wind or gravity. The system allows color gradients to be applied to particles over time, for creating realistic natural phenomena such as flames. Particles are 3D solids and can be Booleaned with objects for 3D dissolves, etc.

    GIG3DGO's animation features include:
  • Keyframing
  • Track and sequence editing
  • Time curve editing
  • Preview and playback control
  • Particle generation and animation
  • Procedural animation of solids in user-defined vector "flow" fields
  • Flipbook
GIG3DGO-Advanced adds:
  • Forward and inverse kinematics/dynamics

Lightning Fast Rendering Speeds the Creative Process

GIG3DGO sets itself apart from the competition by offering the only full raytraced renderer that is optimized for animation. Raytracing is acknowledged as the best method for rendering realistic images; it allows you to create complex imagery, like glass, that is impossible to create with other rendering methods. Until GIG3DGO, raytracing was cost-prohibitive for animation because it was too computationally-intensive.

ELECTROGIG's proprietary rendering algorithm is optimized for extremely fast rendering and designed to operate on a workstation - not a super-computer. With GIG3DGO, you see fully rendered images quickly, within minutes instead of hours. Unlike other animation products, rendering is fully integrated into GIG3DGO. You can preview every aspect of your animation - including motion, timing, surface textures, and lighting - before the final render. And with GIG3DGO-Advanced, you can harness the processing power of a distributed network to get your jobs done more quickly.

GIG3DGO renders objects with physically correct shadows, reflections and refractions - resulting in the highest degree of realism. And GIG3DGO allow you to change all of the lighting parameters freely, for creative experimentation and fast iterative design. The system provides fast previews within seconds to facilitate your creative flow; helping jobs come in on time and under budget.

    GIG3DGO's rendering capabilities provide:
  • Optimized raytracing rendering
  • Virtual camera movement: track, zoom, pan, tilt, move, roll and orbit
  • 8-bit mattes (image compositing)
  • Linear, quadratic and constant light sources
  • Point, spot, ambient and local lights
  • Maps on lights
  • Soft shadows
  • Depth of field
  • Motion blur
  • Optional field-rate rendering

GIG3DGO-Advanced Increases Productivity with Parametric Raytracing

With GIG3DGO's parametric raytracer, you can make environment and attribute modifications and view the rendered results without re-rendering the entire scene. Only the parts of the scene that are affected by the changes are re-rendered - the new images are available quickly. The parametric raytracer is included in both GIG3DGO and GIG3DGO-Advanced. For even greater rendering throughput and increased productivity, GIG3DGO-Advanced extends support for the parametric raytracer to the multiprocessor Onyx-class workstation.

    In addition to multiprocessor parametric raytracing, GIG3DGO-Advanced includes:
  • Render manager for distributed rendering
  • One extra render-only license

Standard Input and Output Formats Provide Seamless Integration

GIG3DGO reads and writes all standard UNIX graphics file formats, allowing you to transfer images and geometry to and from other applications with ease.

    GIG3DGO supports:
  • Numerous media file formats including: TIFF, PostScript, RGB, SCITEX, A60 (Abekas), PITC and OMF
  • Geometry import/export in 3D DXF format
  • Import of EPS files as NURBS contours
  • All video and print formats, with resolutions up to 8K (HDTV, NTSC, PAL, etc.)

High-quality Support

With GIG3DGO you get more than a software package - you get ELECTROGIG's comprehensive service and support program.

    Support includes:
  • Access to GIG Online
  • Online documentation (installed with 3DGO)
  • Electronic access to ELECTROGIG Support through the World Wide Web
  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Product updates
  • Discount on future purchases

With its dealers, ELECTROGIG offers Customer Training at sites in the U.S., Latin America, Canada, Europe and Asia.

System Requirements

GIG3DGO runs on Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, and Hewlett-Packard 700 Series workstations.

    The system requires:
  • 32-64 Mb memory; 64 Mb is required to utilize all the functions of ELECTROGIG's parametric raytracing renderer
  • 500 Mb hard disk; 1 Gb is recommended
  • 8-bit or 24-bit display

For more information about GIG3DGO and your nearest GIG3DGO dealer, please contact the ELECTROGIG office nearest you.

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